Copper conductors factory


This factory has been founded on a 1,500 m2 ground in Kaveh industrial city of Saveh province and the machinery and the equipment are obtained from Taiwan, Italy, Germany and England.

Production process


The raw material is obtained from wire factory in varied dimensions.

Phase 1: Primary Drawing & Annealing (Made in Taiwan)

Here the copper wires are drawn and annealed continuously and the wire diameter can be reduced down to 1.38 mm.

Phase 2/1 : Secondary Drawing & Annealing (Made in Germany)

For making stranded wires, now the wires made in the previous phase are drawn and reduced down to 0.19 mm.

Phase 3&2/2: Stranding&bunching machine (Made in Italy and England)

The stranding machine uses the wires made in phase 1 to make air conductors and the ones made in phase 2 to make bunched wires. There are two Buncher 630 machines for stranded wires and a Starnder 61 for conductors and a Buncher 1250 for earthing wires.