Developing copper and aluminum industry prospecting economical independency, ranking as the fifth superior company in The Middle East


Supplying the raw materials of electricity industries and developing copper and aluminum semi-manufactured products in the country by benefiting from specialists and experts and using the cutting edge technology to create more added value for the stockholders and the employees.


  1. Fulfilling the commodity basket of the raw material of copper and aluminum products of electricity industry
  2. Accomplishing the copper production circuit from the mine to the semi-manufactured products
  3. Developing export by promoting the quality and diminishing the full-price
  4. Extending loyal customers
  5. Increasing and promoting employees’ training as the main assets of the company


  • Attempt to create a safe and serene environment for commercial and economical activities
  • Attempt to protect the living environment by spoiling green technologies
  • Managing according to ethics and commercial values


Aim to becoming a known brand in The Middle East