Quality control department

Here in Mesbar Kaveh, the quality control division acts as an independent unit and having precise lab equipment together with noted experts does the special and stringent tests on all kinds of wire and strip to maintain, promote and continually improve product quality.

It is necessary for the quality control unit to act all along the production units from the early steps of purchasing the raw material to the final step of product delivery. And that is why this unit attempts to follow up the below topics to guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Production process control
  • Product sampling
  • Sample inspecting
  • Entry material control
  • Inprocess controls to make preventive measurements

Quality control

Mesbar Kaveh quality control aims the following to make improvement constantly:

  • Preserve organizational standards
  • Production process deviation correction
  • Assessing each production saloon according to the product
  • Increasing quality efficiency
  • Improving business process
  • Increasing productivity

Controls are categorized in 3 main sections

  • The raw material control and matching their properties with company needs
  • Production inprocess control and matching with standards
  • Final product control and issuing test report


  1. The raw material control:

All entry material that are influential to the product quality are inspected upon entering the factory and just in case the quality control unit approves their conformance with the predefined acceptance criteria, they are allowed to the production line.

  1. Production inprocess control:

All intermediate products are inspected in each level of production line and if they meet the technical specifications, they are used in the next level. The inspection status is recorded on the cards designed for each level of production and attached to the wrapping. The nonconformant intermediate products cannot be used in processes unless they are corrected and verified. Generally in all production phases, the dimensional examination and mechanical and electrical properties of the conductor are in control.

  1. Final product control:

The final products are inspected as well. This control consists of dimensions, Contact and discontact, electric resistancy, wrapping and ….

* obviously, none of the above are attainable unless having suitable equipment and Mesbar Kaveh quality control lab employs precise lab equipment to serve the customers as best.